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cislyn: (butterfly hat)

words in the key of me

we do silly well here

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Created on 2011-12-31 16:49:50 (#1347492), last updated 2019-04-09 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 14
Location:Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
I never know what to say about myself in these spaces. If you know me, then you are not likely to need the little self-summary, and if you don't know me, then I fear I will encapsulate myself poorly with these words and you will walk away thinking that I am a very different kind of critter than I actually am.

So, instead I will talk about how I use this space and what kinds of things you can expect if you start reading me here (or over at that other journal service, where I can also be found). I'm a writer! I write things! I write quite a lot of fiction - fiction entries will be tagged as such, and almost always behind a cut. Sometimes there will be world building or roleplaying campaign materials, and once in a while I commit a wanton act of poetry. Mostly, I ramble about my life, my cats, books I've read recently, and the stuff going on inside my brain on any given day. Most (but not all) of my entries are locked, not because I'm particularly paranoid or anything, but because I usually feel happier writing this sort of thing to a more limited audience. I update kind of randomly - sometimes I will post almost every day, and other times I get all quiet-like and you will not hear from me for weeks at a time. There is no cause for alarm. The Cislyn has not been eaten by the eels at this time.

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