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Mar. 5th, 2014 10:56 am
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I'm not going to post very often about LJ Idol here (that's what the writing journal is for, after all), but I did want to put out there that the sign-up sheet is now up! All you have to do to play is write up something on your journal and comment with a link to it on the sign-up sheet, and you're in.

I would really love to see some folks give it a whirl who haven't tried it before - it's a really fun experience, honestly! I'll continue to say that it's a really fun experience until the very first prompt I hate, then I'll grump and stomp about and flail because I can't ever write anything to this stupid prompt EVER argh, and then I'll write something to the stupid prompt.

That's how this works. You end up surprising yourself, time and time again. You also end up unexpectedly making friends (if you're me, anyway. Some people expect it, being slightly more sensible about these things), gaining a wider audience for your words, getting lots of feedback, and gaining the opportunity to see how lots and lots of other people take exactly the same input and put out something totally different and unique week after week. You get that last one whether or not you play, if you follow along and read what folks are writing, but it's more fun if you participate.

Go on. Try it. You might like it. :)


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