Aug. 24th, 2016

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I've been hinting at a Sooper Sekrit Project the last little while - today is unveiling day! I present to you, CC: Otherworlds!

CC: Otherworlds is a collaborative project I'm doing with my friend Claire. She's a visual artist who does really nifty work. Together, we're going to make stories and art on a regular schedule, and send them in the mail (and also email!), because strangeness and wonder are meant to be shared and we all need more than junk mail and spam in our inboxes.

We'll be pulling a prompt from a hat fortnightly - and we've got some really great prompts in there. Then we each go off and make a thing separately, document our processes, and then get together and mail things off. The stories are printed on high quality paper, signed, and sealed with a red wax seal. The pictures are signed and mounted on black backing, with a little blurb on the back about the inspiration for the image. We write a letter to our patrons, seal everything up, and send it off! Oh, and we video ourselves doing to prompt pulls from one of my many silly hats, and brainstorming briefly about what to create. Our eventual plan is to pick our favorites and make a book out of them, after a full year of this.

We've got a backlog in case either of us has a case of Real Life come up and bite us (and they were all produced on the same fortnightly schedule!), but we've also practiced this process and have it down pretty well now, so we're not predicting a lot of problems. Our very first official prompt pull will be next week, September 1st. I'm super excited about this, and also nervous in a sort of silly way. No matter what, though, we're going to have a lot of fun doing this project. I hope a few of you will follow along and join in the fun.


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